ForceBoard systems have key advantages: detection of vertical and horizontal forces in full 2D, multifunctional, modularized, portable, self-calibrated, high precision motion, open Windows software, unmatched price vs performance and 30 days satisfaction guarantee!



Speed up your R&D and save time and money just like other Companies and Universities are doing:

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ForceBoard™ is a unique All-in-1 desktop force measurement system for frictiontensile & compression, scratch, linear & rotating wear, fatigue and sense of touch measurements.


"A highly flexible R&D tool and a great friction tester, it delivers results beyond expectations"

"A very robust measurement system which we have used pretty much every day for over three years without one single problem"


​​"We have been having great success measuring our products with our ForceBoard"

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"The swiss army knife of mechanical R&D testing"

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Application Videos:



Reciprocating Friction

Compression / Tension /  Fatigue

Tactile friction / Sense of touch


Block on ring wear testing

Increasing load friction & scratch testing

Pin on disc wear testing

Why buy a ForceBoard™ system?

  • Really easy to use

  • Robust & reliable

  • Programmable

  • Very versatile

  • Cost efficient

  • Modularized

  • Expandable

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Open Windows software

  • Excel compatible data

  • Built in calibration

  • USB connected
  • Fast support
  • Portable


ForceBoard's 3rd generation extreme precision drive system delivered with all motorized ForceBoard systems. +/-100N of push/pull capacity and unlimited number of test cycles with 0.005mm accuracy.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee = 0% risk purchase

ForceBoard™ can measure friction and 2D forces between any two objects, including thin films! (Friction tests can even be performed by hand like the picture shows...!)

Tactile friction testing

The world's no1 measurement system for true sense of touch and skin friction measurements!

block on ring wear tester

ForceBoard™ Wear tester

Unique Block on Ring & Pin on Disc functionality

for wear testing with or without lubricants or additives

" We strongly believe that R&D can be made faster with higher output and this is the DNA all our products carry with them. You can rest assured that with a ForceBoard system you will gain knowledge much faster which will save you a great deal of time and money. Ever since we started in 2012 we have seen this happen over and over again for our customers!


When you invest in a measurement system your goal as the end user should always be to maximize the functionality over total cost relationship, including recurring costs like re-calibration and annual maintenance. There are very few, if any, desktop force measurement systems that can compete with ForceBoard™ in this aspect. Its modularized design and open software means that you don't have to adapt to the ForceBoard system - it adapts to you. And it will not let you down. "


- Marcus Helgesson, CEO


March 2020 ForceBoard is awarded the Red Dot Design Award

Jan 2020 ForceBoard now available with an included & powerful tablet PC

Dec 2019 New Fatigue testing functionality added to our software

Nov 2019 ForceBoard on display at Tribology Days, Kista, Sweden

Dec 2018 Our new pivot loading arm for scratch, friction and linear wear testing is introduced


Aug 2018 ForceBoard Wear tester receives CE and FCC clearance

Dec 2017 ForceBoard scratch tester introduced

Sept 2017 ForceBoard on display at HTSC in Falun, Sweden.


June 2017 ForceBoard i-Motor receives CE and FCC clearance!

Feb 2017 ForceBoard is proud to sponsor the Wear of Materials Conference 2017 26-30 March in Hilton Long Beach, CA, USA.

Oct 2016 Meet us at the International Biotribology Conference in London

March 2016 New Tensile tester add-on.

Nov 2015 ForceBoard block on ring / wear / lubricant tester available


​May 2015 ForceBoard is now available with 1gram / 0.0022lb detection capability!

April 2015 Invited to speak at the High-Tech Engineering Fair on April 14th in Gothenburg on the topic of advanced engineering utilizing 3D-printing


Feb 2015 We are honored to have been invited to the Royal Institute of Technology to give a lecture on the topic of how to bring an innovation to the market. 


Dec 2014 Interview with the online 3D portal (in Swedish).


July 2014 Brand new tensile tester functionality released! Read more here.

ForceBoard™ is a patented and multirole force testing system for desktop use! ForceBoard is used for friction measurements, tensile measurements, wear measurements, fatigue measurements and tactile measurements.           ©INDUSTRIAL DYNAMICS SWEDEN AB           Send us a Message!