ForceBoard systems have key advantages: detection of vertical and horizontal forces in full 2D, multifunctional, modularized, portable, self-calibrated, high precision motion, open Windows software, unmatched price vs performance and user satisfaction guarantee!



Speed up your R&D and save time and money just like many other Companies and Universities are doing:

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ForceBoard™ is a state of the art desktop force measurement system for frictiontensile & compression, scratch & linear wear, fatigue, sense of touch and rotating wear testing applications.


All-in-1 / Universal System for:   

Separate system for:

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"A highly flexible R&D tool and a great friction tester, it delivers results beyond expectations"

"A very robust measurement system which we have used pretty much every day for over three years without one single problem"


​​"We have been having great success measuring our products with our ForceBoard"

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Application Videos:



Reciprocating Friction

Compression / Tension /  Fatigue

Tactile friction / Sense of touch


Block on ring wear testing

Increasing load friction & scratch testing

Pin on disc wear testing

Why buy a ForceBoard™ system?

  • Really easy to use

  • Robust & reliable

  • Multifunctional

  • Programmable

  • Very versatile

  • Cost efficient

  • Modularized

  • Expandable

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Open Windows software

  • Excel compatible data

  • Built in calibration

  • USB connected
  • Fast support
  • Portable
block on ring wear tester

ForceBoard™ Wear tester

Unique Block on Ring & Pin on Disc functionality

for wear testing with or without lubricants or additives

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee = 0% risk purchase

ForceBoard™ can measure friction and 2D forces between any two objects, including thin films! (Friction tests can even be performed by hand like the picture shows...!)

" We strongly believe that R&D can be made faster with higher output and this is the DNA all our products carry with them. You can rest assured that with a ForceBoard system you will gain knowledge much faster which will save you a great deal of time and money. Ever since we started in 2012 we have seen this happen over and over again for our customers!


When you invest in a measurement system your goal as the end user should always be to maximize the functionality over total cost relationship, including recurring costs like re-calibration and annual maintenance. There are very few, if any, desktop force measurement systems that can compete with ForceBoard™ in this aspect. Its modularized design and open software means that you don't have to adapt to the ForceBoard system - it adapts to you. And it will not let you down. "


- Marcus Helgesson, CEO

Tactile friction testing

The world's no1 measurement system for true sense of touch and skin friction measurements!

ForceBoard™ is a patented and multirole force testing system for desktop use! ForceBoard is used for friction measurements, tensile measurements, wear measurements, fatigue measurements and tactile measurements.             ©2012-2021 INDUSTRIAL DYNAMICS SWEDEN AB             Request a quote