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ForceBoard - Fatigue tester

ForceBoard™ MultiSystem can easily be used as a fatigue tester for desktop use, the world's first that operates in full 2D (x+y) for forces in the +/-100N range! It is ideal to use for polymers and softer materials, but can also be used for thin/sheet metal components where the applied load is in the +/-100Newton range.


You simply tell ForceBoard™ to push/pull your test sample to a desired deflection or to a maximum force with a desired speed and set the number of cycles in the included Windows software, it does not get easier to perform fatigue testing than that!

portable tensile tester

Weighing in at a total of 2.7kg / 6lb, the robust ForceBoard system is the world's most lightweight tensile/fatigue tester for forces up to +/-100Newton (+/- 22lb) and speeds up to 20mm/sec!

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Compression testing of plastic beam & tension testing of spring

fatigue testing of spring and beam.png

The ForceBoard UI for tensile / compresison / fatigue testing with powerful and automated test sequences


Example data from a 10 cycle loading test with extraction and retraction stiffness and peak force for each cycle

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