ForceBoard - Fatigue tester

ForceBoard™ can easily be used as a fatigue tester for desktop use, the world's first that operates in full 2D (x+y) for forces in the +/-100N range! It is ideal to use for polymers and softer materials, but can also be used for thin/sheet metal components where the applied load is in the +/-100Newton range.


You simply tell ForceBoard™ to push/pull your test sample to a desired deflection with a desired speed and set test number of cycles in the included Windows software, it does not get easier to perform fatigue or material fatigue testing than that! Our software has automated stiffness detection and recording for your test sample for each cycle on both the initial and return stroke which makes data post processing very easy even for very long test series.

Weighing in at a total of 2.7kg / 6lb, the robust ForceBoard system is the world's most lightweight tensile/fatigue tester for forces up to +/-100Newton (+/- 22lb) and speeds up to 20mm/sec!

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Compression testing of plastic beam & tension testing of spring

The ForceBoard UI for tensile / compresison / fatigue testing with powerful and automated test sequences

Example data from a 10 cycle loading test with extraction and retraction stiffness and peak force for each cycle           ©INDUSTRIAL DYNAMICS SWEDEN AB           Send us a Message!