ForceBoard™ - Probably the most versatile Friction Tester in the World

ForceBoard™ is probably the world's no1 friction tester for unrestricted static and dynamic coefficient of friction measuremens for single or multiple stroke testing for all types of materials and objects, including thin films, discs, plates and universally shaped components / objects.

Contact us today and tell us about your friction testing needs and we will deliver a ForceBoard™ system that solves your friction and surface measurement challanges!

ForceBoard™ can also, via its multirole design, be used for scratch, linear wear and much more!

- Static COF

- Dynamic COF

- Components & solid objects

- Thin films, discs and plates

- Grease & lubricants

- Single stroke testing

- Multiple stroke testing

- Static or increasing load testing

- Adjustable speed & stroke length

- Automatic static COF detection

- Optional averaging for longer tests

- Excel and Matlab compatible test data

ForceBoard™ measuring the static and dynamic coefficient of friction between two metal plates.

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See how a friction measurement can be made with ForceBoard

"The simple and unproblematic design of the ForceBoard and i-Motor allows measurements without any major instructions related to the function and operation of the apparatus.


This allows for independent investigation and understanding of the complex area of ​​friction without any constraints."


-  Institute for Machine Elements, University of Stuttgart, Germany

ForceBoard™ can easily be used for reciprocating friction testing

ForceBoard™ can measure friction between any two objects! Tests can even be performed by hand with a manually varying normal force to investigate the COF normal force dependency in no time...!

ForceBoard can perform Increasing load friction testing where the normal force can be ramped up more than three times in a single stroke!

See how a scratch and friction test can be made with ForceBoard

Our pivot loading arm for friction testing of virtually any object, weight discs are used to create the normal force.

V-bar assembly for heavy load friction testing, capable of up to 8kg of applied vertical load!

The measuring principle used in ForceBoard is patented and utilizes full 2D force sensing, meaning that is continuosly monitors both friction and normal forces and calculates the COF in real time for any normal force, even a varying one. This is the most accurate and versatile method there is for measuring static and dynamic coefficients of friction.

The included software ForceBoard™ Analyzer  

ForceBoard™ with the powerful and programmable i-Motor is a highly repeatable and very accurate friction tester.

Why buy a ForceBoard™ system?

  • Really easy to use

  • Robust & reliable

  • Very versatile

  • Cost efficient

  • Modularized

  • Portable

  • 100% guarantee included

  • Open Windows software

  • Excel compatible data

  • Full support included

  • Built in calibration

  • USB connected

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ForceBoard™ is a modularized measurement system and can be used for a wide range of test applications, here's a few of them:

Friction is a complex system parameter with multiple dependencies which is very difficult to accurately extract from a table of data created by someone else, that is the reason why a friction measurement and a friction tester is needed to measure the coefficient of friction (both the static coefficient of friction and the dynamic coefficient of friction) for your specific combination of materials. ForceBoard™ does that faster, easier and more cost efficient than any other friction tester or tribometer on the market!



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