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ForceBoard™ Accessories

Three point bend fixture (black component, length 150mm) for use together with i-Motor and RigidFrame


Torque neutral pivot loading arm with added control weight "helipad" allowing for removal of the probe and fixture weight. Used for friction, scratch and linear wear testing in the gram up to kilogram range.


Our versatile gripper end probe with multiple fastening options, always delivered with i-Motor!

plastic film tensile testing.png

Triangular blocks for thin film tensile testing

HRC-3 Rockwell diamond probe

for scratch testing, 0.2mm / 200µm tip radius

fixed probe for increasing load scratch
ASTM D1894

200 gram steel weight for friction testing according to ASTM D1894

Fixed probe for linearly increasing normal force friction and scratch testing


Forward backward spacer (black component) for reciprocating friction testing with the 200 gram steel weight

Weight discs for pivot loading arm

available in 0.5kg, 1kg and 2kg versions

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