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ForceBoard™ Wear tester

ForceBoard Wear Tester is a unique and really easy to use and multi purpose wear tester with block on ring and added pin on disc functionality, its total weight of just around 25lb!

Wear tester block on ring

All-in-one system:

- Block on ring with added pin on disc functionality

- Adjustable position of contact point

- Adjustable applied normal force via weight or spring

- Continuos friction force recording with averaging

- Long term recordings

- Perform test with or without lubrication

- Total machine weight: ~12kg / ~25lb

- Maximum allowed force: 50N (block on ring), 25N (pin on disc)

Pin on disc demo

block on ring wear tester

Measure wear and friction data in real time with the included software, with or without lubricantion in the easiest way possible!

Block on ring demo

wear tester loading arm sample holders.p

Block on ring sample holder (left) and pin on disc sample holder mounted to the loading arm (right)

Pin on disc holder: Up to 9.5mm diameter samples

Block on ring holder: Up to 15mm wide samples

Want to measure linear / reciprocating wear? That is an excellent job for i-Motor

wear patterns

Adjustable cover with easy access to the test bodies (block on ring set-up)

wear testing with additives
electronics box for wear tester

Electronics box with speed controller, emergency stop switch and USB port

low cost wear tester

Adjust the position of the wear pattern via the loading arm pivot

Test bodies are very easy to change and testing can be made with or without lubricant / oil.

We can easily machine the ring/disc carrier component attached to the motor's shaft to fit custom ring/disc components.


Example of block on ring test: 62 mm diameter replaceable rotating carbon steel disc, 16mm wide with 1%C and 1.5%Cr according to ISO 683-17, hardness: 58..65 HRC.


The loading arm can easily be repositioned to create new wear patterns without having to change test samples.

Heating of the oil/lubricant tray is not included but possible up to 100°C / 212°F via adhesive heating pads.

Wear tester UI.png

- Continuous recording of the abrasive friction force, CoF & speed 

- Windows software included

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