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ForceBoard™ Analyzer is ForceBoard's powerful and intuitive user interface (UI/API) which is included when you purchase your ForceBoard system and runs under Windows. Visualize force, friction, time, speed and displacement data and record measurements to standard .csv files for simple post-processing in Excel and Matlab. The UI also contains our unique calibration feature which means that calibration of the ForceBoard's load cells will not be an annual running cost for you. 

With Analyzer you can record multiple tests to the same results file which really speeds up the measurement process and ForceBoard Analyzer is also open which means that you can even add custom features to your ForceBoard UI if needed!

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Force & friction vs time


The standard ForceBoard user interface is used for measuring force vs time which, for example, is used for friction measurements. The latest release has optional test cycle averaging to minimize post processing efforts along with static and dynamic coefficient of friction autodetection for any number of test cycles!

The ForceBoard UI has built-in sensor calibration!

Force vs displacement

ForceBoard Analyzer force vs travel.png

ForceBoard Analyzer is also available in a version for measuring force vs displacement which is used together with i-Motor for universal tensile / compression / fatigue where logging of test sample displacement during the test is required. This software also has  buil-in flexural modulus and sample stifness detection!

Technical Data

Adjustable sampling rate: Yes, 1-50Hz (if your application requires higher sampling rates, please go here).

Adjustable averaging: Yes    Data recording: Yes    Built in calibration: Yes   

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10   Output file format: .csv (compatible with both Excel and Matlab)

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