ForceBoard™ - Scratch and linear wear testing

ForceBoard™ can easily perform scratch and linear wear testing for any number of back and forth test cycles (with simultaenous friction coefficient logging!), often togehter with our pivot loading arm.

ForceBoard™ has been in use at leading Companies and Universities worldwide ever since our start in 2012 for a wide range of testing applications, including friction, wear, scratch, tactile, tensile and general 2D force measurements.

See how scratch and linear wear testing is made with ForceBoard™ and the pivot loading arm, in this case equipped with our HRC3 diamond probe indenter

Our v-bar assembly for heavy load scratch testing, capable of up to 8kg of applied vertical load!

ForceBoard™ can even perform Increasing load scratch testing where the normal force can be ramped up more than three times linearly!



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