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ForceBoard™ increases confidence in FEA and MBS simulations

ForceBoard™ is a great tool when it comes to bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world in finite element analysis (FEA) and multi body simulations (MBS). No matter if you need to correlate your friction model, bending / compression or fatigue data, tensile modulus or flexural modulus to make use of the true values for your material models in your simulation ForceBoard will provide you with these very important parameters in the easiest and fastest way possible. Basically, this means that you can go from ~80% to near 100% confidence in your simulation.

Always remember that simulation models are never better than the parameters you feed into ithem. Never. As a simulations / FEA engineer it is time to get rid of the simulation model uncertainties and unleash the true power of your FEA / MBS / simulation software. ForceBoard™ will enable you to do just this, directly on your desktop right next to your computer.

portable tensile tester
programmable stepper motor
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