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Some of our distinguished customers

 - 3M (USA)

 - Apple (USA) 

 - CERN (France/Switzerland)

 - Ford Motor Company (USA) 

​ - Procter & Gamble (USA)

 - BASF (Germany)

 - Microsoft (USA)

​ - Honda of America Manufacturing (USA)

- Garmin (USA)

 - Bosch (Germany)

 - LEGO (Denmark) 

 - Scania (Sweden) 

 - Duke University (USA)

 - Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

 - Albany International (USA, Sweden)

 - University of Stuttgart (Germany)

 - Bodycote (Sweden)

 - Schüco (Germany)

 - Draper (USA)

 - University of Birmingham (UK)

 - Wellspect Healthcare (Sweden)

 - KP Films (Switzerland)

 - Angstrom Tribomaterials Group (Sweden)

 - Fundacio CTM Centre Tecnologic (Spain)

​ - Tribolab, Lulea Technical University (Sweden) 

 - University of the West of Scotland (Scotland)

 - Gleitmo technik (Sweden)

​ - SWEREA IVF (Sweden)

 - Pulcra Chemicals (USA)

 - Toolserv AS (Norway)

 - Bic Violex (Greece)

 - Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Germany)

 - Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid (Germany)

 - Carbex (Sweden)

 - Falex Tribology (Belgium)

 - Prestige Brands (USA)

 - Kongsberg Automotive (Sweden)

 - Industrielack AG (Switzerland)

 - Aalberts Surface Treatment (Germany)

 - Morakniv (Sweden)

 - SHL Group (Sweden)

 - Pollywood (Great Britain)

 - Impreglon (Sweden)

 - Halmstad University (Sweden)

 - RISE (Research Institute of Sweden)

 - Lewis & Clark College (USA)

 - Doane College (USA)

 - Neodynamics (Sweden)

 - Höganäs Metal Powders (Sweden)

 - National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)

 - Triboron International (Sweden)

 - Pulcra Chemicals (USA)

 - University of Newcastle (Australia)

 - Chung Ang University (South Korea)

 - University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

 - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)

 - OTH Technical University (Germany)

What our customers say about their experience with their

forceboard logo

"The forceboard system has granted access to a diversity of tests that allows us to analyze a variety of material properties both quickly and accurately. It has proven itself to be an integral tool for our research and development needs”​​

"A very robust testing system which we have used pretty much every day for over three years without one single problem"

​​"We have been having great success measuring our products with our ForceBoard"

“We are continuing to use the ForceBoard for a variety of friction measurements, and it is proving to be a useful and versatile tool.”

"After +1.5 years our ForceBoard system still works great and has proven its value in our research work many times"

​"We are very happy with our ForceBoard system and use it on an every day basis!"

"Thank you for the fast delivery of the ForceBoard and the great support"

"We have used it mainly as demonstrator on conferences and such, so far. It is very convenient in this sense, because it's lightweight and easy and quick to set up"

"It works perfect"

"You have been very helpful to us from the 1st contact"

"Performing parameter screening on the coefficient of friction with the ForceBoard saves us a lot of time when we move into our long term wear testing process”

“We use the ForceBoard system on a daily basis to measure surface parameters to feed into our finite element and multibody simulations”

"We have fallen in love with the ForceBoard system! We are getting some very interesting results from it and it has enabled us to really impress our main partner."

"The simple and unproblematic design of the ForceBoard and i-Motor allows measurements without any major instructions related to the function and operation of the meter. This allows us to independently investigate and understand the complex area of ​​friction without any constraints."

"A very smooth action testing system"


ForceBoard is used in the following industries / areas

 - Automotive

 - Medical Devices

 - Consumer Products

 - Surface Coatings

 - Computers / Mobile Phones

​ - Lubricants / Industrial Grease

 - Metals

 - Plastics 

 - Air / Defense

 - Pulp & Paper

 - Wood

 - Biomechanics

 - Fuel Technology / Additives

 - Research Institutes

 - Technical Universities (labs, lectures & research)

 - Teaching

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