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Our award winning ForceBoard™ MultiSystem allows you to test objects horizontally and vertically, providing you with the widest range of testing applications ever seen for a desktop force measurement system! The included and programmable i-Motor can easily be mounted both vertically (as seen in the picture) as well as horizontally (for example to test statis/dynamic friction or scratch).


Both versions of ForceBoard Analyzer are included when you buy a ForceBoard MultiSystem along with 100% user satisfaction guarantee!

how to measure three point bend.png
ForceBoard Red Dot Winner.png

Areas of Use - ForceBoard Multisystem

- Static friction

- Dynamic friction

- Reciprocating friction

- Tensile

- Compression

- Fatigue (to a pre-set sample displacement)

- Fatigue (to a pre-set maximum force)

- Linear wear

- Scratch

- Adhesion

With your ForceBoard system you can easily adjust the stroke length and speed via the included software for an unlimited number of automated test cycles!

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