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Our award winning ForceBoard™ MultiSystem allows you to test objects, components and samples vertically and horizontally, providing you with a huge range of mechanical force testing applications! The included and programmable i-Motor can easily be mounted both vertically (as seen in the picture for compression and tension testing) as well as horizontally (for example to test static & dynamic friction or scratch).


Both versions of our software ForceBoard Analyzer are included when you buy a ForceBoard MultiSystem along with the included 100% user satisfaction guarantee!

ForceBoard MultiSystem Universal Testing Machine
ForceBoard Red Dot Winner.png

Areas of Use - ForceBoard Multisystem

- Tensile

- Compression

- Automatic stifffness testing to a pre-set force

- Fatigue (to a pre-set sample displacement)

- Fatigue (to a pre-set maximum force)

- Static friction

- Dynamic friction

- Reciprocating friction

- Linear wear

- Scratch

- Adhesion

With your ForceBoard MultiSystem you can easily adjust the stroke length and speed via the included software for an unlimited number of test cycles for both compression and tension!

Universal Force Testing Machine

The latest ForceBoard MultiSystem has seamless transition capability between horizontal and vertical testing applications

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