ForceBoard™ - A really versatile and portable desktop tensile tester

ForceBoard™ is available as a portable tensile tester for desktop use, the world's first that operates in full 2D for forces in the +/-100N range! The tensile tester also has a built in automatic flexural modulus detection feature for three point bending! You can also perform friction testing, fatigue testing and lots more with this set-up so it is a truly a multi role measurement system that will not let you down!


ForceBoard™ can automatically push/pull your test sample to a certain deflection and perform fatigue testing on your test sample! It runs for any number of cycles and you can of course record force vs travel data to your hard drive or even upload the data to a server via the included software! The end probe used in the video/picture below can also easily be replaced via the thumb screws.

The very robust ForceBoard + RigidFrame + i-Motor is the world's most lightweight tensile tester for forces up to +/-100Newton, +/- 22lb!

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Why invest in a ForceBoard™ system?

  • Really easy to use

  • Robust & reliable

  • Programmable

  • Very versatile

  • Cost efficient

  • Modularized

  • Portable

  • 100% guarantee included

  • Open Windows software

  • Excel compatible data

  • Full support included

  • Data upload feature

  • Built in calibration

  • USB connected

​​Our powerful and easy to use force vs displacement software that works for both horizontal and vertical measurement set-ups with included & automated test features.

ForceBoard™ is a modularized measurement system and can be used for a wide range of other applications, here's a few of them:

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