ForceBoard™ - A really versatile and portable desktop tensile tester

ForceBoard™ can easily be used as a tensile tester for desktop use, it is actually the world's first portable tensile tester that operates in full 2D for forces in the +/-100N range! The tensile tester also has a built in automatic flexural modulus detection feature for three point bending! You can also perform friction testing, fatigue testing and lots more with this set-up so it is a truly a multi role measurement system!


ForceBoard™ can automatically push/pull your test sample to a certain deflection and perform fatigue testing on your test samples for any number of cyles which makes it very powerful and useful for a wide range of force, component and materials testing applicatiions!

The very robust ForceBoard + RigidFrame + i-Motor is the world's most lightweight tensile tester for forces up to +/-100Newton, +/- 22lb!

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Compression testing of plastic beam & tension testing of spring

Why invest in a ForceBoard™ system?

  • Really easy to use

  • Robust & reliable

  • Programmable

  • Very versatile

  • Cost efficient

  • Modularized

  • Portable

  • 100% guarantee included

  • Open Windows software

  • Excel compatible data

  • Full support included

  • Data upload feature

  • Built in calibration

  • USB connected

​​Our powerful and easy to use force vs displacement software that works for both horizontal and vertical measurement set-ups with included & automated test features.

ForceBoard™ is a modularized measurement system and can be used for a wide range of other applications, here's a few of them:



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