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ForceBoard™ i-Motor is a very robust, programmable and high precision motor developed specifically for the ForceBoard system. The advanced i-Motor allows you to setup and run fully automated test cycles, for example for coefficient of friction testing, linear wear, scratch and tensile/compression/fatigue testing. 


programmable stepper motor

See it in action

ForceBoard™ with i-Motor


- Tell i-Motor to move from 0mm to 123mm and back to 0mm and repeat 12345 times

- Tell i-Motor to move from 0N to 23.4N and back to 0N

ForceBoard produt brochure

i-Motor control panel explanation

i-Motor control panel

i-Motor control panel


Technical Data ForceBoard i-Motor

Max push/pull force: +/- 100N = +/- 22lb   Max Speed: +/- [20 mm/sec, 0.8 inches/sec]    Rod length: 220 mm / 8.7 inch     Gear material: Brass     Position detection resolution: +/- 0.005 mm / 0.0002 inch    Power: 24V AC/DC adapter (included)   Fasteners: Standard hex screws


Note: Metal push/pull probe is included! The geared rack has a 2 x M4 mm threaded holes at the end tip so custom probes/fasteners can easily be installed. 

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