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ForceBoard™ PowerMotor is a DC motor assembly which allows you to move test samples at a controlled speed (for example when measuring friction, adhesion or tensile forces) and has a built in displacement sensor so that you also can conduct force vs. displacement testing  just like you do in a tensile tester (for both tension and compression) in 2D!


If your application requires a programmable motor for automated testing check out our software controlled i-Motor!

DC motor with encoder

ForceBoard™ PowerMotor, +/-100N!

Strong DC motor with encoder

An innovative powerlifter

with built in position sensor

See it in action

Compression testing


Technical Data ForceBoard PowerMotor


Max push/pull force: +/- 100N = +/- 22lb    Speed: +/-[800/500 mm/min=31/20 inches/min]    Rod length: 210 mm / 8.3 inch  Gear material: Brass

Position detection resolution: +/- 0.1 mm / 0.004 inch    Quick release for fast repositioning of rod: Yes   Weight: 240 gram / 0.7 lb    Power: 1x 9V (standard battery)   Fasteners: Standard hex screws


Note: Push/pull probe is included! The rod has a 5 mm through hole at the end tip so custom probes/fasteners can easily be used if needed. 

Need a programmable motor for automated testing applications? Check out our advanced i-Motor!

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