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May 2015 ForceBoard is now available with 1gram / 0.0022lb detection capability!


April 2015 Speaking at the High-Tech Engineering Fair on April 14th in Gothenburg on the topic of advanced engineering utilizing 3D-printing 


Feb 2015 Honored to have been invited to the Royal Institute of Technology to give a lecture on the topic of how to bring an innovation to the market. 


Dec 2014 Interview with the online 3D portal (in Swedish). 


July 2014 Brand new tensile tester functionality released! Read more here.


June 2014 Thank you all for visiting the ForceBoard exhibition at NORDTRIB 2014 in Aarhus, Denmark, June 10-13th! 


June 2014 Read the story behind ForceBoard in the June issue of the Swedish magazine Uppfinnaren & Kontruktoren (translated: The Inventor and the Designer).

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